CMC Tele-Consultation Facility

1. CMC Tele-Consultation is starting on April 2, 2020 to help patients who cannot travel to Vellore
2. This is for existing CMC patients - you should have a CMC Patient ID.
3. Same Day Slots are available.
4. This is not for emergency or critical care

The following Departments are Offering Telemedicine Services

Name of Department/Unit/Clinic

Audio Vestibular Clinic (ENT)Cardiac EP ClinicCardiology Unit 2 & 3
Child Health Unit 2 & 3Dental 1Dermatology 1 & 2
Development PaediatricsElectro Physiology ClinicEndocrine
Endocrine SurgeryENT Units 2,3,4 & 5Family Medicine
GastroenterologyGeriatricGynaecologic Oncology
HaematologyHand Surgery (HLRS)Head and Neck Surgery 1
HepatologyHepato Pancreatico Biliary Surgery (HPB)Medical Genetics
Medical OncologyMedicine Units 1,2,3 & 4Nephrology 2
Neuro Surgery Units 1,2 & 3NeurologyNuclear Medicine
Orthopaedics Units 1,2 & 3Paediatric RheumatologyPaediatric ENT
Paediatric NephrologyPaediatric NeurologyPaediatric Orthopaedics
Palliative CarePhysical Medicine & RehabilitationPlastic Surgery Unit 2
Pulmonary medicineRadiation Therapy Units 1,2 & 3Reproductive Medicine Unit (RMU)
RheumatologyRespiratory MedicineSpinal Disorders Surgery
Surgery Units 1,3 & 4Urology Units 1 & 2Vascular Surgery


What is eMEDS?
A service to deliver medicines to CMC patients by Post (or) Courier based on their doctor’s online prescription.

What is the Purpose?
This service is primarily meant for patients on chronic medications, and those using the Tele-consultation facility.

Who is eligible?
CMC Patients for whom the treating doctor has given an online prescription through Tele-consulation (or) Physical Consultation (or) through Phone/Mail consultation.

For any further clarifications, click on FAQ or you can call the call centre (